DALLAS Dallas police said they have arrested a second man in connection with the incident involving dozens of motorcyclists who effectively shut down North Central Expressway in broad daylight on Memorial Day weekend.

Kenneth Hernandez, 27, is charged with a felony count for spraying graffiti on the highway. If found guilty,Hernandez could spend up to two years in jail and a$10,000 fine.

His arrest comes two weeks after the first arrest in this case.

On June 9,Thomas Roberts, 35, was taken into custody for spraying graffiti on North Central Expressway while bikers shut the freeway down.

Behind the graphic that outraged the public there is a name: Preston Cass.

The 22-year-old from Plano was raised by his grandfather, Bill Blythe.

Two years in a row he went to the Amazon with me... back in the jungle... and helped build churches, Blythe recalled.

In September, Cass was one of 10 speeding riders on the Dallas North Tollway. He rammed the back of a pickup, crashed into a wall and died at the scene.

None of Cass' fellow riders returned to check on their dying friend.

But eight months later, some felt it was appropriate to honor Cass by shutting down North Central Expressway and painting his name on the pavement.

You don't honor someone by breaking the law, Blythe said.

Dallas police are sending the same message. Roberts and Hernandez now face up to two years in prison.

Police say they've been flooded with tips from the public. That information will be matched with the other faces seen in online video clips evidence the riders shot themselves and posted on YouTube.

Blythe says it shouldn't have to come to that.

I think they should turn themselves in. Do it as a unit. Do it as a group, Blythe said. It's hard. I just wish the guys would know if they would do something good, it would be good. But if you do it wrong, it's wrong.

Whatever trouble Preston Cass got himself into, his grandfather doesn't want that to be reason to make more of it.

Dallas police say if anyone who participated in the activity on Memorial Day Weekend wants to turn themselves in, they can call the Gang Unit at 214-671-4264.


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