I've said it before, the trouble with some politicians is they often put party before constituents. In this week's Uncut commentary, there is another fine example.

Republican Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey exploded this week at the unveiling of the new districting map.

The public needs to know that they have been fooled, she said. That the conservative voters, the Republicans, have been disenfranchised.

Dickey's in her final term on the court. As WFAA's Brad Watson explained, the new boundaries could make the court more Democrat sooner.

It renumbers her GOP district from one to two, and a new Democrat leaning district from two to one. One is up for election next year, meaning Democrats could elect a fourth member to the court and shift the lone remaining Republican to a northern Dallas County district.

Is it fair? Well, it's politics and tradition.

One month ago, Dickey's party approved a new state legislative map carving up the Senate district of Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis.

I cannot allow the voting rights of hundreds of thousands in my district to be trampled, said an outraged Davis.

There was no comment from Davis in support of Dickey this week.

The party in power during redistricting gets to move the boundaries and make the changes it wants with some limitations. Republicans run the state, Democrats run Dallas County, sometimes people get lost in the process.

How will you know when they put you first? That's easy, when Democrats like Davis criticize their own party for wronging a Republican or when Dickey hears of fellow Republicans harming a Democrat and then reacts like she did this week by saying: This is a sham; my vote is no. If you and the public put up with this stuff then you're fools.

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