Michael Nast considers himself a social media guru who says he can bring on the followers.

I made him an administrator on my Facebook page so he could put what he calls a widget into play.

He broadcast my page to thousands of other pages worldwide, using that technology. There is a fee for his service, but Nast has ideas on how to get followers for free, too.

Make a blog. Whatever you post on your Facebook, post on your blog, he suggested. Make YouTube videos, ask friends to spread the word. Have a contest on you site. Who can tell the funniest joke? The most 'likes' gets a $20 gift certificate to a steak house.

Nast said the power of social media is key during natural disasters from hurricanes to tornadoes.

We use it for disaster relief, to coordinate efforts, he said. We really like grass roots charities that go where the media doesn't.

He created a Web site Have Then Give to get people involved in charities. If you can't give money, he says by liking the organization and sharing that link with friends, you're helping in a roundabout way.

I tested Nast's widget technology in an experiment live on News 8 at Five. My Facebook page gained almost 300 followers in 26 minutes using the technology. If you would like join in, go to facebook.com/wfaa.shelly.slater.

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