FORT WORTH - Early voting is now underway across North Texas. In Fort Worth, five candidates are vying to replace outgoing mayor Mike Moncrief.

News 8 will introduce you to eachperson running for officeand tell you something that you do not know about the candidate.

Betsy Price, 61, has served as Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector for the past decade.

She supports urban gas drilling, but says health and safety comes first, including independent testing.

Price said Fort Worth should revisit the streetcar issue when the city can afford it. She also supported redeveloping the inner-city, such as the Trinity River Vision project.

But what don't we know about Betsy Price?

I thought I was going to vet school, she said I actually got accepted to vet school.

Instead Betsy Price got married. She had three kids and 17 years of PTA in west Fort Worth, not far from where she grew up.

But there's nothing better than when you do get to help a parent with a child, Price said of her school volunteer work.

She launched her own title company from her dad's car business.

She was elected Tarrant County Tax Assessor/collector 10 years ago and said she had not even thought about running for Fort Worth mayor.

I got asked by community leaders and friends and neighbors, she said.

At first she said no, but Betsy Price is a driven person. You have to be with her hobby.

Long distance bicyclist, Price said. My man over there on the wall. I've actually ridden with him, she says, gesturing to photos of Lance Armstrong.

Ridden hotter-n-hell 6 or 7 times, referring to the infamous one hundred mile race in the Texas heat. Ridden across Iowa, she added.

Price likes to hunt and her dad paid her a quarter a bird to clean dove when she was a child.

I can gut and clean a deer if I need to, she added. Done it numerous times.

A handy skill perhaps for dealing with the city budget gap and pension shortfall.

Betsy Price is the only candidate for mayor that property owners write a check to at least once a year.

She figured her experience with figures gives her an edge.

I like to talk dollars and cents, Price said.

By law Betsy Price could not give up her office to run for mayor, but she did give up her salary because she is spending a lot of time campaigning.

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