ARLINGTON The owner of a company hired to install extra seats at Super Bowl had some strong words for Arlington's mayor on Tuesday.

Scott Suprina owns Seating Solutions, which is based in New York. He said his crews lost four days of work because of the weather and just couldn't make up the time.

Suprina is angry that Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck told reporters that his workers simply walked off the job.

I've worked for 20 years to build my business, and a mayor I've never me, never spoken to, and wouldn't recognize says that I left the job site, Suprina said. Mayor, you should have a little more respect for someone who has worked as hard as I have, and get your facts straight.

News 8 caught up with Mayor Cluck later Tuesday, and he did backtrack a bit on his previous statements. The mayor now says he isn't sure who is at fault for missing the deadline to add thousands of extra seats to Cowboys Stadium.

The massive sports arena was being prepared prepped ahead of Wednesday's storm. Workers could be seen chipping ice off the stadium's arches.

Six people were injured when ice tumbled off the roof of the stadium last Friday.


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