DALLAS, TX - Spending time with Norma Hunt is a walk down memory lane. She has endless stories about her life with Lamar Hunt, one of the great innovators of professional football.

She was married to him for 42 years. They attended the first 40 Super Bowls together. Today, her streak is at 44 and counting.

Yes because he wanted me to, Norma says. We went together for 40 years and we both had a 40 year record but he was never so interested in his record as he was in mine.

When he died in December of 2006, he made sure that his son Clark was taking his mother to the next Super Bowl to keep her streak alive as the only woman to see every Super Bowl game.

It's a very special streak for her to be the only woman who has seen every Super Bowl, says Clark Hunt, Lamar's son. One of the last things he asked me before he passed away, was to make sure that my mother made it to the Super Bowl.At that time it was the Super Bowl in 2007 because the streak was very important to him as well.

Norma was married to Lamar Hunt when he helped negotiate the merger of the AFL and NFL. She was there when the Packers beat the Chiefs in the very first Championship game which her late husband would later name the Super Bowl.

In a league meeting, he mentioned the championship game and someone said to him, what do you mean, championship game and he said, you know, the last game, the final game, the Super Bowl just popped out of him, Norma says.

Her favorite memories of all those games is watching the most valuable player emerge.

Really, it's seeing the MVP's at the games, Norma says. That's the thing that sticks with me just as an overall great memory of those games.

Since she has seen all the games, you might think that there are certain elements of the Super Bowl she would like to changebut that's not the case.

Actually, the game has improved incrementally in my opinion, Norma says. What they do with the game, what they do with the pregame, the halftime entertainment, all of those things have improved over time so dramatically so it's not a matter of going back to old days. It's the good new days because it is absolutely better. Things weren't as smooth. Now the production is unbelievable.

And that's coming from someone who's been every super bowl game ever played.On February 6th, she'll attend her 45th Super Bowl.
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