Q: Tonight s story regarding the dog receiving a special medical treatment costing $20,000. What was the point of this story? What, they love their dog more than others because they spent $20,000 on a medical procedure? When there are people losing their pets due to foreclosure, layoff, etc airing this pointless story was a slap in the face. And for people like me that lost their dog because we couldn't afford the $6,000 surgery that may have saved him, you have no idea the guilt this story brought. I loved my dog just as much as these people did and watching him die was the most painful experience I have had. And really, was this meant to inform people about this awesome procedure because almost all of your viewing audience could never even dream of affording this procedure. Terrible story: terrible judgment on your part.

A: Regret to know you feel that way. We thought it was simply an interesting story and certainly not inferring anything about anyone loving one dog more than another. Here is a link:

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