Tuesday's Our Neighbor has shown great compassion to a woman battling Stage 4 cancer.

Zenaida Martin was so uncomfortable, she had to sleep on an air mattress to try and deal with the massive tumors on her belly. That was until one group of ladies stepped in.

I'm closer to death than anyone else could be, Martin said of her illness. I know, I can touch it.

Martin has been battling Stage 4 breast cancer for two-and-a-half years now because it was not detected early enough.

If none of the medicines work, I have to come home and say goodbye, which is the toughest thing to do when you have children, Martin said.

While the brave mother of six fights the bitter battle, she has been moved by the kindness of others.

Look around you, she said. Who needs help? Help them. It doesn't make a difference if they don't help you back because in the long run it will come back to you.

Hearing about her sleeping condition, Anderson's Furniture stepped in and delivered a $5,000 bed to Martin complete with linens, pillows and a handwritten letter.

We want you to sleep and relax like a princess in your gorgeous new bed, Martin read from the letter. We can't wait to meet you and come see you as soon as you're feeling better.

At this point, it's a struggle for Martin just to get out of bed. So, WFAA taped her heartfelt message for the ladies who made it happen.

I think the part I like is where they said 'keep fighting,' because that's the hard part, Martin said. That's the hard part, to keep fighting.

We're just excited that we could help her, said one of the four women from Anderson Furniture as they watched the message.

I just really do appreciate them so much, Martin said. It meant so much to me.

That's why WFAA names Anderson's Furniture Tuesday's Our Neighbor.

Martin's insurance has paid for a great portion of her medical care, but still thousands has come out of pocket. If you would like to help Martin in some way, or if you know someone we could feature on Our Neighbor, contact

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