DUNCANVILLE Rangers fans love to boast about how long they've been waiting to win the big one.

Les Miller of Duncanville sure does. You could find him yelling at his big screen during Game 5 of the American League Championship Series. I can t stand this being behind the Yankees! Thirty-eight years I've waited!

In fact, Miller started his wait at the Rangers' first home game in 1972.

Oh my goodness, I remember that first game, he said. Parking was $2 and I couldn t believe I had to pay $2... to get in the game was only $3.

Miller has Rangers souvenirs from every year since 1972.

They started having Father's Day, and you could go and get your picture taken with a Texas Ranger, he said, holding a set of signed baseball cards.

Every year, Miller would take his four children. They are all grown up now, and still teasing him about loving a team that usually loses.

And people make fun of you, they laugh they call you up, he said. You have to hide the telephone sometimes.

That did not diminish his enthusiasm. Every year, he predicts this is the year.

Finally it looks like he s right.

You know, when you're my age, you might not live long enough to see it, so I gotta do it while I can, he said.

But that statement hits home to Les Miller, who is battling cancer.

It s in my bones and my bladder, he said. I got Stage 4 cancer; they put me on death row four or five years ago.

That doesn't make Miller sad... it just makes him cheer even harder for the team he loves.

I'll live and die with em, and we're gonna go to the big dance, I'm telling you!

That's Les Miller... one more reason to root for the home team on Friday night.


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