Wylie high school has been using AHMO as its rallying cry for more than 30 years. It's on the flag the footballteam carries out onto the field. You'll see AHMO stickers oncars and trucks of Wylie supporters. They'll even wear AHMO on their jerseys during the playoffs. But what does it mean?

I'll explain why AHMO was on my brain later, but first, this is the origin, straight from the horse's mouth. The following is from former Wylie head football coach and athletic director Jerry Shaffer, whom we interviewed in December of 2008, during the Pirates' run to the state championship game. Here is Shaffer's unedited explanation:

Well it's a very interesting story. We're getting ready to play in a regional game in '77 against the number one ranked team in the state, Breckenridge. They'd averaged about 50 points per game and we probably didn't have much business playing them.

I happened to watch a show on television, on like Sunday night, it was then called the Dean Martin celebrity roast. One of the comedian used an expression that night: ahmo, as in, ahmo kick your butt. And that resonated with me for some reason, and I thought, well the next afternoon in practice, we'll just break our huddle, and instead of ready, break! we'll just say, ready, ahmo! Anything to encourage us to be a little more aggressive against the kind of opposition we were facing.

Well, as it turned out, we did win the game, in a rather miraculous manner. One second left in the game, we threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to win the game 12-10. When we get back to our locker room, all the cars are painted with AHMO and subsequently we won a state championship and returned to the state finals the next year, and all that added together I guess engraved that in everybody's brain.

You can find further explanation of AHMO on the Wylie booster club web page:

And the reason AHMO was on my mind was because I came across the interview we did with Coach Shaffer earlier today. We save old field tapes for a couple of years before re-using them. Before we taped over the Shaffer interview, I wanted to document his explanation of AHMO before it was lost. Now it will forever be a part of the world wide web.

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