ALLEN - The Allen City Council is considering a possible ban on K2, which is a legal herbal smoking blend said to be much like a synthetic marijuana.

The council is expected to look into amending an ordinance, ultimately banning the availability of K2 in Allen.

Mansfield recently became the first city to pass a citywide ban limiting the sale of K2. However, Allen is considering an even stricter policy that could prohibit the use, purchase, possession or sale of the blend made of herbs, spices and synthetic cannabinoids.

The controversial product is often marketed as an herbal incense, but mimics the effects of marijuana when smoked.

Sen. Florence Shapiro, of Plano, has called K2 a potential danger from Plano to Mansfield and is working to draft legislation against the product on a state level.

Some have made complaints about the effects of K2, including complaints of irregular heartbeats to hallucinations.

The vote is expected sometime after the meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Allen City Hall.


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