DALLAS - Tuesday's Our Neighbor is all about the conga line. A group of North Texas women are riding for one purpose, raising money for breast cancer research.

The Women Who Ride (WWR) always think pink while riding for their fundraiser the Conga Line.

We're fighting cancer, said one of the members while sitting on her motorcycle with a large pink rubber ribbon mounted on the front.

The WWR is a group of female motorcycle riders from North Texas who will meet up with other riders in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 7. For a third consecutive year, the group is raising funds for the Breast Cancer Fund and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Fabulous bunch of women, said Cindy Alexander of her fellow WWR members. Safest riders I've ever ridden with. Always willing to throw their leg over a motorcycle for a good cause.

Last year, the riders raised $12,000 while . Their goal is to kick dirt in the face of breast cancer and celebrate life along the way, but they couldn't do it without donors and supporters like Rick Fairless, who owns Strokers Ice House.

It's important to me because I'm born and raised right here in Dallas, Texas and I believe this is a good cause because I believe you have to give back to their community, he said.

Every dollar raised goes towards research and treatment, and riders can join the Conga Line all the way to Cheyenne.

Oh, until you've done it, you just can't appreciate it, said Sara Holbrook, another member, of what its like to ride. Talk about getting the cobwebs out of the brain.

Those who would like to donate to the the group or those who may know someone WFAA could feature on Our Neighbor can contact Izaguirre at

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