DALLAS - Lacrosse is considered America's oldest sport and was invented centuries ago by North American Indians. Now, it's reaching new popularity in parts of South Dallas.

But it isn't just sport, the game is also teaching kids some important life lessons.

Jack Tierney has a passion for kids and lacrosse, which he has combined by introducing many at-risk students to the game.

While lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in the country, many of the kids had never heard of it before they met Tierney.

It's such a contagious sport by nature that the minute you pick up the stick you want to continue to play it, Tierney said. It spreads organically that way anyway, and it's spreading all throughout South Dallas and we try to be inclusive as possible.

Wes Banks, 10, lives in South Dallas. He's a goalie and stands tall between the pipes. He said he realizes lacrosse in this part of the city can be an invaluable teaching tool.

I think it's really important because I live in a really bad neighborhood where a lot of people are selling drugs and shooting people and fighting people just for the heck of it, Banks said. I think this will interpret teamwork and leadership and responsibility, and this will make this community a better place.

A better place thanks in part to BRIDGE Lacrosse Dallas and the Circle of Support Summer Camp. They have teamed up to introduce 60 boys and girls to lacrosse.

This is what it is all about, Tierney said. You can see it on their faces, and hopefully we have some future lacrosse players for all the women's programs and for our programs as well.

All counselors volunteer their time.


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