Q: I just want to know how you can publicly tell everyone someone is a police informant and then released. Isn't that putting that person in harm s way? I am speaking on News 8 Midday about burglary ring suspects held in Irving.

A: Thank you for the comments, Kari. Typically, police may not necessarily release names of informants. Perhaps due to the rather notorious nature of the crimes, that wasn t the case. Here is the story:

Three men remain in the Irving jail suspected in a series of North Texas home invasions. The alleged ringleader, William Autrey is held on a $21 million bond. Autrey, Ramon Miller and Brandon Young are also wanted in Coppell.

Dallas police say they are persons of interest in a home invasion on exclusive Haraby Court in far north Dallas. Plano reportedly has interest, too. Autrey was previously arrested in 2008, part of a violent gang operating out of his North Dallas nightclub, responsible for dozens of home invasions. He became a police informant and was released

In this case the newsroom reported that this group is accused of posing as police officers, and facing allegations that they also beat and even tortured victims.

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