DALLAS Sunday was a special day for thousands of moms across North Texas. But for brand-new mother Becky Lowrance, the day took on even more significance.

The heart transplant patient never thought she'd celebrate a Mother's Day.

Lowrance and little Addison were recently at Medical City Dallas for their two-week checkup. She's two weeks old, and I told her we're just gonna have to put a rock on her head already... she's growing too fast!

For most moms, a trip to the doctor's office is pretty routine, but for Lowrance it is so much more.

I didn't know if I would ever get to be a mom, she said.

But on April 22, Lowrance gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

It's an amazing experience, she said. I'm just so overwhelmed with happiness and joy.

It was a moment Lowrance thought she'd never experience, but thanks to a heart donor, she got the transplant and a chance to conceive.

When I look at Addison, I just think of her as my little miracle, she said.

And when Addison grows up, her mother plans to tell her all about the donor who gave them life.

She not only saved my life, but she helped to create this one, Lowrance said. I know God has a plan for this little thing.

The heart donor was a young girl whose mother has kept in close contact with the Lowrance family.

On this Mother's Day, Becky Lowrance and her husband paused not only to celebrate their happiness, but also to think about her donor's mother and the sacrifice she made on behalf of strangers.

Thank you, said Lowrance, choked with emotion.


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