FORTWORTH - Tuesday's Our Neighbor is a group of sisters who are excellent teachers.

Not only have they educated thousands of North Texans, but for their ministries are well known in Fort Worth. They are the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, and Tuesday they prayed for the public's help.

The Sisters of St. Mary of Namur are passionate about education. The retired nuns volunteer their time to teach and minister. They also donate their time to charities.

In Fort Worth, they have touched many lives.

The legacy that we have received from our sisters is so incredibly wonderful and so badly needed today, said Sister Mary Venard Fulbright.

But, that 137-year legacy of service to community could be in jeopardy. The nuns are running out of money.

It's wrong, the situation that the sisters are in right now, Fulbright said. But, to be perfectly honest with you, that's partly our fault. We have always kept our finances private.

All religious orders of sisters have to support themselves, including insurance coverage. With the graying of the sisterhood, health care costs are becoming more of a drain. And while their mission has always been to help others, now the sisters need help themselves.

We do have Social Security, but that of course is very little, said Sister Francesca Walterscheid. And, so there is a need to take care of the elderly, especially.

The Sisters of St. Mary of Namur live at Our Lady of Victory Center. They live primarily off meager retirement funds, Social Security and donations from their former students and friends.

Despite their financial troubles, the women continue taking care of each other and their community, ever faithful the Lord will provide. That's why WFAA names the Sisters of St. Mary Namur Tuesday's Our Neighbor.

Those who would like to help the sisters can contact Cynthia Izaguirre at Also, if you know someone WFAA can feature in an Our Neighbor report, send your ideas to the same e-mail address.

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