When Texas Stadium was imploded on Sunday morning, God may not have been the only one looking down through that hole in the roof.

Crazy Ray, the Cowboys' unofficial mascot for most of the stadium's history, was sure to have been watching as well.

Ray, whose real name was Wilford Jones, would cheer and entertain fans from the field to the stands.

Jones didn't play for the team he lived for them.

A Korean War veteran turned magician, he became a fixture on the sidelines for more than four decades.

From the Cowboys' first home game at the Cotton Bowl to his final appearance at Texas Stadium in 2006, Crazy Ray rallied around the team and excited their fans.

Later in life, they rallied around him.

When Jones lost a leg, lost his sight and had his car stolen, Channel 8 viewers came to the rescue with donations that helped him and Mattie his wife of 53 years get a new van.

When Jones suffered several strokes, fans chipped in to rebuild the couple's home. Through it all, Jones never lost his passion for the team.

Three years ago, Crazy Ray passed away after a long illness. And while many will remember the Staubachs and the Dorsetts and the Aikmans for the thrills that filled Texas Stadium, it would not have been the same without Crazy Ray.

Jones said he did crazy stuff I did to make people laugh. Why?

Happiness is the best thing in the world.


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