DALLAS - If they stick with the program, the numbers show children are guaranteed to graduate high school and almost guaranteed to go onto college.

For the past 12 years, Adriana Cedillo has spent a lot of time at the East Dallas branch of the Boys and Girls Club.'She said it played a crucial role with helping her to be accepted to Our Lady of the Lakes University.

I have a mentor from the program I can call late at night and he can help me with calculus homework and he'll stay up to two o'clock in the morning until I understand the concept to the whole idea, said the 17 year old.

The Project Learn program helps at-risk children with homework each day during its Power Hour. Tutors spend hours mentoring students.

According to Juany Valdespino Gaytan, a former principal who now works for the club, it's pays big dividends.

Currently, 85 percent of our members are passing all their classes, he said. And as of last spring, we had 100 percent of our seniors who participated in our collegiate steps program graduate from high school. Ninety-three percent went on to higher education and 7 percent entered the military.

A pretty sweet tune, thanks to students like Cedillo, who are hitting all the right notes.

I want to be a music promoter and have my own music review, kind of like the House of Blues or Hard Rock Cafe, she said.


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