PLANO The North Texas Chilean community came together at a Plano hotel on Monday evening, looking for ways to help their earthquake-ravaged country.

Most of the people who came to the meeting have family in Chile. Many of them still don't know the fate of their loved ones.

They started their gathering with a moment of silence for earthquake victims.

Many of the attendees, like Miguel Faundez, say it's been extremely difficult for relatives who are in North Texas. Faundez hasn't been able to reach his parents, who live in the town of Florida, 35 kilometers from the epicenter in Concepcion.

It's really sad to watch the images on TV. and see, how's my city today. It's destroyed, and a lot of people are dying, Faundez said.

Club Chileno Dallas-Fort Worth sponsored the meeting with the idea of organizing the Chilean community's efforts to help their homeland.

The priority is to get some money for the people who need basic needs, said Rene Cuevas, who is an officer with the club.

One Chilean man who came to the meeting says his prayer is for the world to see what has happened in Chile, and extend a helping hand to the victims.


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