Land Of The Lost is much more of a disappointment than it ever is funny. Even Will Ferrell seems a bit lost as Dr. Rick Marshall, screaming all the way into a time-warped alternate world of the past, present and future, and that includes an angry T-Rex.

The good, goofy doctor also teams up with a fondling primate and before you can say, "Chaka," the party of four are hanging by vines for their lives, trying to elude slow-moving big-eyed creatures, plus a giant mosquito.

Land Of The Lost is directed with a mostly boring touch by Brad Silberling. He directed the much better Lemoney Snicket.

The PG-13 rating is for a screenload of inappropriate language, meaning there's plenty of swearing in this film and it's awkward, since it's based on a popular 70's kids TV show. Despite a laugh here and there, Land of The Lost feels mostly lost.


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