FORT WORTH A gynecologist who performs abortions in Tarrant County is the target of a vicious postcard campaign which lists his home and work addresses along with names of five of his staff members.

The postcard is printed in black-and-white and it is unsigned.

On the front is a picture of Dr. Michael S. Phillips next to the question: Have you seen this person?

When it's flipped over, the postcard lists the doctor's name, and three addresses including his home.

It goes on to reveal names of five staff members.

When reached at his home, Dr. Phillips said he wouldn't talk about it. I've been dealing with it for 35 years, that's all I can say.

Long-time pro-life advocate Chuck Pelletier said he didn't receive the post card, and said he doesn't know who's behind it.

It's not something I would do, Pelletier said, [but] I think everything they're saying in there is true.

A News 8 viewer said the card ended up in mailboxes in Tarrant County late last week with a worrisome message. It calls the doctor and his five female staff members heart-stoppers.

It goes on to say: Living up to their motto, 'No fetus can beat us,' these guys are the experts at turning mothers of live babies into mothers of dead babies.

Also on the card: They kill 'em cheap and stack 'em deep.

It's familiar rhetoric in such a divisive issue, but this postcard carries a vicious tone.

We've been at this for 25 years and we found out that if you want to talk to somebody about this you better be reasonable and friendly and their neighbor, which we are, Pelletier explained. Nobody wins arguments.

Pelletier said he hasn't seen anything like the postcard campaign in more than a decade. My heart says a different approach is better, he added.

Anti-abortion advocates know the doctor's West Side Clinic well. It has been the stage for many prayers and pickets in the past.

But whoever sent the unsigned postcard wanted people to know even more.

Though that person was afraid to sign it, the postcard doesn't appear to be illegal.


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