DALLAS North Texas Toyota drivers are calling local dealerships with the same question: What do you do if you have one?

Right now, there is no approved fix for owners. That's still being worked out.

In the meantime, if you're driving a Toyota and have problems with the pedal, you should stop the car immediately.

North Texas Toyota dealerships were swamped with phone calls Wednesday from customers with questions about the recall. One dealership general manager recorded a message to his customers:

It is important to know there have been very few reports of problems. But in the Toyota culture, one is too many.

News 8 called a dozen North Texas Toyota dealers and asked them what drivers should do if their accelerator pedal gets stuck. Most of them gave us the same advice: Just put the car in neutral and shut it off and obviously hit your brakes.

Another told us it s important for drivers in that rare situation to remain calm, don't panic. Just slam on the brake. Don't pump the brake or slap it into neutral.

Other Toyota dealers read a corporate statement that's posted on the auto maker's Web site. The company s advice: If gas pedals stick, step on the brake with both feet and use firm, steady pressure without pumping it.

Toyota says another option is to shift into neutral and use the brakes to stop the car.

The company says if drivers are unable to put the car into neutral, they should turn the engine off and coast to a stop. They may lose power steering and power brakes, but the company says they should still be able to steer and stop safely.


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