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I said in San Antonio at training camp the Cowboys would win 10 - maybe 11 with a little luck - and once again I m proven right. This brings my total to 3 now in about 26 years ... but you have to start somewhere.

The thing I like best about this cowboys team is they ve had a chance to win every game ... no blow outs like the giants have ... no losses to a team like Oakland like the eagles have ... No 17 point leads lost to a 2-12 team like the saints have ... every game has been a play or 2 here and the outcome is different - which is the way it usually is in the NFL and I enjoy the heck out of it.

And I m really enjoying watching a team that so many people thought was dead after losing to a very good chargers team ... showing the character they have to clinch a playoff spot now ... But there is this one little thing.

They lose that chargers game - in part - because Marion Barber can t get a yard on 2nd .. then 3rd .. then 4th down - and it happens four more times against Washington.

He looks like a diesel pick-up truck on a cold morning trying to get started ... he s not moving fast enough to move the pile on a straight ahead run like they keep using ... And as much as I hate to say it ... I hate those plays.

I m a strong believer that the only bad play calls are the ones that don t work ... and the only good play calls are the ones that do.

But come on - 7 times in two games - I ve seen that play and IT S NOT WORKING.

Up 14 - nothing against a team that can t score ... wouldn t that be a PERFECT time to fake it to barber and then throw it to Jason witten and Miles Austin.

For gawd s sake ... don t throw it to Roy Williams.


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