DALLAS A Dallas program gives at-risk children (and their parents) a chance to get ahead.

The best part for students about Dallas Community Lighthouse: They don't have to go far from home.

The bus drops them off; they don't have to get on another bus, they don't have to find another ride, said Diana Baker, who helped start the apartment-based after-school program seven years ago. When they walk out the front door, they are right on the front porch.

There are now three Community Lighthouse sites with 35 to 40 students at each location, including the one we visited at the Steppington Apartments.

It's fun, because I can talk to people and play with them and stuff in one place, said fourth-grader Tray Barree.

It's not just for children the program also offers adult education courses for parents.

Dallas Community Lighthouse is open to anyone in the apartment complex who cannot afford to pay for after-school care.

It's huge, and the need is overwhelming, Baker said. I think we have 85,000 children in Dallas who do not have after-school care.

If you'd like to donate time or supplies to the Dallas Community Lighthouse, click the link in the sidebar.


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