MANSFIELD -- Undercover officers raided the home of a Mansfield woman who they say was selling do-it-yourself wrinkle treatments.

Police confiscated boxes, computers and more at the home of Laurie D'Alleva. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott charged the Tarrant County woman with illegally offering prescription drugs -- including botulinum toxin (Botox) injections -- without a license.

The legal action also alleges that D'Alleva operated illegal Web sites to market her products. The state obtained a restraining order to keep her from selling the drugs and shut down her Internet sites, Discount Medspa and Ontario MedSpa.

The sites included video demonstrations of how to use the prescription drugs, along with customer tesimonials about the results they were getting.

Doctors caution that self-injecting or taking any drug without the authorization of a doctor can be harmful -- even deadly.

The state said D Alleva falsely claimed that her membership in the Texas Medical Council authorized her to sell prescription-only products. There is no such organization.

According to court documents, undercover investigators bought a Newbie Starter Kit from D'Alleva which contained the prescription Restylane in a filled syringe. They also purchased Dysport and Freeze, both of which contain purified neurotoxins, which are used for wrinkle-reduction.

Empty syringes, needles and other pharmaceuticals were also seized at D'Alleva's home.

Residents of the quiet Mansfield neighborhood said they were surprised when they saw officers entering the residence.

I thought she was a housewife, said Dana Child.

The Attorney General's office is seeking civil penalties of up to $25,000 per violation per day.


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