MANSFIELD When Mansfield health officials hold their mass H1N1 vaccination clinic on Saturday, they'll do so knowing they're not getting any more doses of the serum.

The state has stopped shipments to the city.

Mansfield originally asked the state for 60,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine, enough for every resident to be inoculated.

The city received 5,500 doses before the state realized that Mansfield was on track to get more than larger cities.

Early this month, the state decided to temporarily suspend future shipments to Mansfield.

They placed a hold on our orders based on the fact we received a large number of doses up front, said Tom Legler, Mansfield's Emergency Management coordinator. Now they're working on orders for other jurisdictions.

Mansfield has already vaccinated about half of city staffers, reasoning that officers, firefighters and other employees would be vital if more people fell ill.

The city's remaining doses will be distributed to the public at a clinic at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy, 1120 West Debbie Lane, starting at 10 a.m.

Any resident is eligible for the H1N1 nasal spray, while it lasts.

The injections are reserved for those that are in the target group whether they be small kids, pregnant women anyone who cannot receive the nasal spray, Legler said.

Those seeking the vaccine must show proof of residence in Mansfield.


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