FRISCO -- Several homes on the same block in Frisco were vandalized, likely early Thursday morning.

Residents woke up to vulgar spray-painted pictures and words across vehicles and garage doors.

'Seeing this is pretty disturbing. I'd really prefer they found out who did it,' said resident Brad Ayres.

Marvin Pritchett's home was also targeted. Taggers had spray-painted over a storage bin and his jeep, both in the back of his home.

'This is just random, bored kids... It's just time to go back to school,' Pritchett said.

The Pritchetts are just days from moving into another home in a different town. Marvin said Thursday's events had no bearing on that decision. In fact, he said his family loves the neighborhood and vandalism like this has never happened before.

Pictures of happy faces can be seen in some of the tagging. News 8 could not share a lot of what was tagged because of its offensive nature.

Frisco police are looking into the matter. A department spokesman told us it's likely the work of kids. They are searching for cameras stationed in the area of that alley, and believe multiple culprits are involved.


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