DALLAS Ruben Razo's family is making arrangements to bury his two older sisters as they pray for five other relatives recovering in a Central Texas hospital after a rollover wreck this weekend.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon on State Highway 130 near Lockhart.

'The speed limit was 80. I'm guessing [we were traveling] 80 or 85,' Razo, 23, explained. He said they were just going with the flow of traffic.

Razo was in the front seat of his dad's GMC Yukon. His sister, Veronica Razo, 31, was driving; his other sister, Sonia Ramirez, 27, was sitting in the middle.

Nine other family members were riding in the back of the SUV.

They left their West Dallas home Saturday morning traveling to La Pryor near Eagle Pass to attend a surprise party for his aunt.

'The back tire of the passenger seat popped,' Razo recalled. 'Veronica lost control of the wheel. That's when we started flipping over.'

Six people were ejected; six others including Razo were trapped.

Only two people had seat belts on when the GMC overturned, Razo said. Ten others were not strapped in, and none of the kids were in car seats.

There just wasn't room, he said.

The Razos started the trip in two vehicles on Saturday, but Ramirez' van overheated in Waco, so they parked it at a gas station and decided to all travel together.

Veronica and Sonia were killed in the crash; Veronica's four-year-old daughter Alyssa underwent brain surgery at a nearby hospital. Sonia's two-year-old, Mia, remains in the hospital along with Veronica's daughter Eliana and Ruben's 59-year-old father Jose Razo.

'It's pretty scary. I still can't believe it,' Ruben Razo added, taking a deep breath. He escaped with bruised head and a cut stomach.

But his whole family is in pain, and it's not just physical.


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