FORTWORTH -- As the DFW area prepared for the possibility of more rain and thunderstorms Wednesday, some Fort Worth businesses were still cleaning up and drying out from an unexpected round of flash flooding Tuesday.

The Wine Hause store located near 8th Avenue and Park Place was closed as crews tried to clean up the mess left behind when heavy rains caused the roof to collapse. Several industrial strength fans were brought in. Soaked rugs were ripped from the floor. The owner lives in a loft above the business and was there when she said the roof caved in and water drenched the business below.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market near the intersection of Berry and Hemphill had minor flooding inside the store, but store workers said no merchandise or property was damaged. A professional clean up crew was brought in to make sure the store was safe for customers.

Elsewhere late Tuesday afternoon,when the rain came in quick, water two to three feet high flooded streets, damaged cars and stranded drivers.

'This is insane! I've never seen this in this area before,' said Steve Garner. 'Just a flash flood comes in and streets are crazy. It's insane!'

Fort Worth Fire and Rescue responded to 42 high-water calls andperformed several rescues, but none included injuries. There were also dozens of reports of downed power lines and one fire that may have been started by lighting.

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