FORT WORTH 'This is the first step getting everybody together,' said Olivia Rodriguez, standing in front of a group of moms and dads just like her.

Rodriguez organized a parent meeting in Silver Sage Park in north Fort Worth. While kids played on the playground, parents strategized about how to keep them safe in a neighborhood where at least two children were approached by a stranger within a 10-day span.

A third incident just days later is under investigation.

'I'm a nervous wreck,' said mom Guadalupe Dominguez. 'We moved here to get away from where we used to live in El Paso because Mexico is so dangerous, and to see that this is happening makes me so nervous.'

Fort Worth police attended the meeting, and shared with parents a sketch of a man who could be the suspect. A young girl who was a victim helped an artist with the drawing.

'White male in his 30s, skinny with a slightly muscular build, light complexion, green eyes or hazel eyes, short brown hair,' said Sgt. Raymond Bush, describing the potential suspect.

He also had a unique tattoo, Bush said. It was on his right shoulder and featured three crosses in three circles.

'We want everybody to see that sketch all across, not just Fort Worth, but all of Texas,' Bush said.

The suspect might have access to more than one vehicle, Bush said, because in one case, he was believed to be in a red pickup truck, and in the other he was in a dark vehicle.

Rodriguez encouraged parents to come out of their houses and watch over children who are in the streets or playing in front yards. Several parents began exchanging contact information and ideas about staying in touch via social media and text messages.

Police applauded the parents' efforts and said that will help them solve this case.

'It's going to start with us,' Rodriguez said.

As Dominguez left the meeting, she said she felt better because she was more informed.

'I feel like we can all make a difference if we get out of our houses and make sure the kids are OK,' she said. 'That's better for all of us.'

Police want parents and children to keep close watch for anyone matching this description. Call 911 if you have any information, or contact Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.

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