DALLAS-- Kung FuSaloon says it's investigating charges of racism at its Dallas location.

The claims were made by DeAndre Upshaw, who has launched a social media campaign against the Uptown bar.

Upshaw says he was turned away for wearing high tops, while two white friends were allowed in wearing the same style of sneakers.

During the ordeal he says he met another black couple who were also asked to leave the bar.

'They were turned away because the guy was wearing shorts. One glance into the patio showed me that half the people in there were wearing shorts. It's May, it's in Dallas,' Upshaw said.

Kung Fu Saloons in Austin and Houston have faced similar racism claims, but the bar's management says it has a diverse crowd. The management told News 8 it will determine if the employee's comment was racially motivated -- and then take appropriate action.

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