DUNCANVILLE Concerns remain as backlash from Duncanville High's enforcement of their zero tolerance dress code continues.

Friday, there were rumors and talk of a planned student protest.The day before, police were called to the school after students sat in the hallways in protest. The students were ushered outside and then back into the school.

Officials with the district confirmed they too have heard about the possibility of another protest.

Since 8 a.m. on campus, police were visible around the perimeter of the campus.

About 40 students were denied entrance to the school due to dress code violations. Police informed the students to go home or face trespassing charges if they lingered on campus grounds.

Inside the school, students continued to use social media. In one image shared with News 8, a student claimed administrators aggressively pulled food from their backpacks and tossed it into the trash.

Arfen Tadziki said he intentionally pulled his child from school Friday after reading threats spread on social media.

'I asked Duncanville police officers if they were concerned about weapons,' he said. 'They told me they're aware of the threats and are working with Duncanville ISD, monitoring student behavior.'

District officials also said they informed parents of children dressed improperly to bring appropriate attire before school started. According to the officials, some showed up and some didn't.

The district also released a YouTube video asking for parents' understanding and student compliance.


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