DALLAS -- The deaths of Debbie Thammvongsa and her mother Amy have hit Molina High School very hard.

A family friend told News 8, 'Debbie had a million friends and we are all devastated by this.'

The bubbly teenager graduated from Molina last year. She played sports and was very popular. On Wednesday 300 students gathered in the school gym. Youth Pastor Luis Salazar talked to them.

'I also spoke to them about [how] it's not always up to us to focus and understand why. It's for us to find peace and that peace can be found in each other, in faith, in prayer,' he said.

Debbie and her mother were shot Monday afternoon and died on Tuesday. A family friend in the home was also bound and shot. All three of them were shot in the head.

'It's not fair, she had everything ahead and [it] breaks my heart that she's gone,' a family friend said.

Debbie was attending Mountain View college. Pastor Salazar says her friends are having a tough time understanding why this happened.

'In a generation that has information at their fingertips, they want to know the answers right away and when they find the reason, why did this happen? It's very difficult to understand,' he said.

While her friends search for answers, police search for the suspects and a motive. They released a picture of a red dodge car. They think a similar car was used by the suspects. They hope it will help lead them to the answers of who and why.


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