DALLAS An administrative law judge this week upheld the firing of a Dallas police officer who was accused of sexually assaulting a co-worker.

Edward Antunez cannot appeal the decision, said his attorney, Jane Bishkin. Last year, a Dallas County grand jury declined to indict Antunez on a sexual assault charge. Antunez has denied the allegations.

'We are disappointed with the decision,' Bishkin said, adding that she felt the judge's decision was 'reasoned and thought out.'

Bishkin said that the judge was bound by city charter rules that require judges to not make rulings based on their own feelings, but rather based on whether a reasonable person could have arrived at the same decision i.e. the decision to fire the officer.

'If it was a standard beyond a reasonable doubt ... there's no question he would have gotten his job back,' Bishkin said.

A criminal investigation began last June after a co-worker told Mesquite police that Antunez sexually assaulted her more than two months earlier. She told investigators that Antunez and another woman were visiting her house on the night of the alleged assault.

The co-worker said the other person left and that she awoke to find Antunez raping her.

Bishkin said that Antunez still hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement, but for a different police agency.

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