NORTH TEXAS Thousand of drivers spent hours inching along icy highways on Monday.

Along I-30 near Sulphur Springs some folks spent four to five hours trying to inch through the conditions.

'It was just raining ice,' said trucker Scott Hamilton. 'It was about three in the morning when state troopers had us pull over to an off-ramp.'

Hamilton finally made it to a truck stop in Rockwall on Monday evening.

'I saw a lot of people going 10 to 15 miles per hour trying to be safe about it,' he said.

Even as temperatures warmed ever so slightly on Monday afternoon following near-record lows, thousands of drivers were stuck along the same stretch of highway they had started down early Monday morning.

Joey Leatherman was there too.

'There were some frustration between other drivers, too especially when it stopped,' he said. 'They were getting out and walking up and down the highway and trying to figure out what was going on... talking, tempers were flaring, arguments were going on.'

Texas Department of Transportation crews could be spotted using road graders to try break down the ice on the highway surface, using plows and sand trucks clear it out of the way before it could re-freeze overnight.

There was a similar winter assault along I-45 near Corsicana. Some drivers were stranded overnight on the coldest night of the year.

'Left the convention center yesterday [Sunday] around 5:30,' said one motorist. 'We just spent the night at the gas station.'

Treacherous driving conditions could continue until a thaw out later in the week.


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