ARLINGTON It's the chilling surveillance video police want you to see.

It shows a man with a gun walking into Red Wing Shoes on South Cooper Street in Arlington Tuesday afternoon at 3:03 p.m.

The man in the video is wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt and light blue shoes, but his face is masked.

Police said he then robbed and murdered a young store manager before turning to leave, the victim's dog nearly following the killer outside.

The victim was identified by friends and extended family as 22-year-old Randy Pacheco. He had worked for Red Wing Shoes for three years, the last year at the Cooper Street location.

'It's scary that he's out there. That's why we need to catch the guy,' said Arlington police Sgt. Jeffrey Houston.

Outside the store on Wednesday, Leroy Smith fell to his knees, wailing, as he got confirmation it was his friend who died.

'Just why?' he asked.'Just why?'

'That guy was a coward,' Bradley Reinwald said, referring to the suspect. 'Pulled a gun on a guy for $200? It's sad what people will do for $200.'

Reinwald's father owns the Red Wing Shoes store. He said Pacheco was a good employee and a good friend.

Reinwald's family rushed there on Tuesday after getting a call about the shooting at their store.

They're 'really stunned,' he said. 'We're having some trouble dealing with it.'

Police are hoping someone will recognize something about the masked man. His stance... his shoes... anything to help bring justice to a community shaken by a murder on a Tuesday afternoon.


Surveillance video and photos from Arlington police:

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