DALLAS There's been a break in the investigation of more than two dozen robberies happening in Dallas driveways.

But Charles Hunt, who was arrested for his alleged role in two of the crimes, says he was only the getaway driver.

Moments after admitting his role, Hunt abruptly ended our interview at the Dallas County Jail when asked about his criminal history.

Court records show that Hunt was convicted of five robberies in November and December of 1990. In each of those crimes, the victim was approached in their driveway and was held at gunpoint.

One of Hunt's victims was sexually assaulted.

Hunt spent time in prison, but was let out on parole.

A victim of the 1990 crime spree who was also sexually assaulted by Hunt said she was outraged to learn that he had been released.

The woman said she knew he would return to a life of crime.

'I actually looked right into his eyes the whole time that he was breaking my necklace off my neck and taking my rings off my hands,' the victim said. 'I actually just stared into his eyes.'

Charles Hunt stole her jewelry... and her security... 24 years ago. But it still seems like yesterday to his victim.

So when she saw Hunt's mug shot on the news, she wasn't surprised.

'I admitted I did it,' Hunt told News 8 from jail on Monday. But when asked if he sexually assaulted the woman in 1990? 'I don't wan to get into that,' he replied.

Charles Hunt did admit driving the car in a couple of the recent Dallas driveway robberies.

'Whether I drove them around or did the robbery myself, I am just as guilty,' he said, adding that he helped Santana Andrews and two other people commit the crimes.

Hunt said he violated his parole for quick cash. 'Why did I go? One, because they were going to fill up my car with gas; and two, give me 60 bucks,' he said.

Hunt was sentenced to life in prison in 1991 for aggravated robbery and that sexual assault.

'I am going to end the interview, because you keep bringing up things that don't have nothing to do with me right now,' he said.

Hunt has been in and out of prison for decades.

The local schoolteacher who he sexually assaulted and robbed in 1990 said Hunt's wife was even wearing her ring in the courtroom during his trial.

Despite his violent history, five of six Parole Board members voted to release Hunt after he spent 20 years in prison and completed an 18-month treatment program for sex offenders.

'It seems with the record he had before he went to jail for robbing me that he wouldn't have gotten out,' his 1990 victim said.

But Hunt did get out, and by his own admission, went right back to robbing more people.

When he was convicted in 1991, a 'life sentence' meant 60 years; but he only had to serve 15 years of that term before becoming eligible for parole. That is why he was released early.

If he is convicted in connection with the recent driveway robbery spree, he will have to spend at least 40 years behind bars.


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