DALLAS -- 'It's extremely busy!' said Tamika Wright, who was shopping the day after Christmas with her sister Markebea Ligon.

Ligon just moved to Texas, and Wright will make the move soon.

'There are good deals,' Wright said. 'A lot of discounts. They have a lot of markdowns.'

Ligon admitted the shopping was a little different the day after Christmas.

'We actually just came to get some last-minute gifts... for ourselves,' she said, laughing.

She also admitted to spending a little less this year.

'I don't think I really overdid it as much as I did last year,' she said.

While reports from retail federations are inconsistent, inside the Dallas Galleria, Apricot Lane Boutique co-owner Lauren Young is basking in the glow of a season of success.

'It was actually our best holiday yet,' she said. 'It can either make you or break you, and this year it really made us proud of ourselves.'

By late Thursday evening, Young had not even processed a single return. She gave her customers a reward.

'Our whole store is 20 percent off,' she said. 'It's kind of just thanking our customers, looking at our sales and seeing that we've done good this year, and being able to offer something to show our appreciation.'

She said many customers were coming in to spend gift cards of cash they received as gifts. And many liked the sales, knowing they could stretch their dollars as far as possible.

Some industry analysts say spending fell the weekend before Christmas, which they think signaled a desire to wait for deeper discounts. That could mean the upcoming weekend might mean even more traffic for retailers.

Young wouldn't mind that at all. 2013 is going out with a bang, she said. 'Let's hope 2014 does, too!'


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