DALLAS Another Sunday, another game, and another ride on the emotional roller coaster that is the Dallas Cowboys.

You build to that peak and all too often, it's downhill from there.

'I actually thought they played really well the first half and I was like, 'Who is this team against the Green Bay Packers?'' said fan Gina Heinin. 'And then the whole second half I'm like, 'What happened?' Who has that big of a lead and then blows it in the second half?'

When the shock wears off, fans start asking questions.

'If at the end of the day we're running the ball down their throat in the first quarter and it's working, why do we always stop?' asked Shawn Walker.

'Everybody in the bar notices it; it's like how do they not notice it?' Vincent Spann asked.

Then, blame starts getting passed around, no matter who or what you are. Heinin brought her lucky beer koozie to the bar on Sunday.

'I brought it out tonight so they would win, but they didn't. So maybe it's not good luck,' she said. 'Or maybe I need a new koozie.'

Or perhaps new faces?

'It definitely starts at the top, and we know Jerry [Jones] is not going to relinquish his GM duties,' Spann said.

Whatever the magic fix is, fans here say it's high time it happens.

'You want to see a winning season, a good season, a playoff season, go deep in the playoffs,' Walker said. 'A Super Bowl would be nice; maybe that's asking for too much... I don't know.'

And until then, no matter how painful, the faithful will keep watching.

'Yeah, we're gluttons for punishment!' Spann said.


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