KELLER -- 'Blink your eyes if you remember me,' said 17-year-old Michael Lane, and his childhood friend Sergio Molina blinked.

It's the only way Sergio communicates. Michael treasures every blink.

'It's heartbreaking. Sergio was such a happy kid, always laughing,' Michael said. 'Had this electric, outgoing personality.'

The two met in middle school. Michael is now a junior at Keller Central High. He's a budding hip hop singer and songwriter. And now he's writing about tragedy.

'Four people are dead and I can't even see remorse. I ain't let out that much tears since my parents got divorced. And they want rehab?' he sings.

Those lyrics are a nod to the 10 years of probation given to 16-year-old Ethan Couch, who was drunk when he was driving a pickup full of teenagers. He plowed into an accident scene, killing the driver of a broken down car and three Good Samaritans who had come to her aid.

Sergio Molina was in the back of the truck. He was paralyzed in the crash.

His family gave Michael permission to use their private moments together in a music video, and also gave us permission to share it.

'The first thing that was on my mind when I started writing it was Sergio,' Michael said of the song 'Stay,' which features Sergio in the video.

The crash was in June, Michael wrote the song in one day, after spending many weeks by his friend's side.

'I was so stressed out, had so many mixed emotions, and had so much going on, that the only way I knew how to keep myself from imploding was to write it,' he said. 'This has made a huge impact on my life. Up until this point, I've never really had to deal with losing someone -- let alone a friend.'

His emotions drove him to wrote another song this week, after the proceedings in juvenile court.

'I had gone and testified on behalf of Sergio and hearing everyone's testimony and all the police statements, I was real -- I was shocked,' he said.

'I broke down and cried like a baby,' he admitted.

Michael doesn't yet have a video for his newest piece, but the lyrics are powerful alone. They are all about Couch.

'Four people are dead and I can't even seen remorse. I ain't let out that much tears since my parents got divorced and they want rehab?' he sings. 'Can't you see the stuff you've done? Even if they let you walk, this will haunt you. You ain't won.'

Michael said he was moved to write about Couch because of his personal experience inside the courtroom.

'We made eye contact one time and that was when I was coming off the stand, and it was almost for like a second or two,' Michael explained. 'You know you can tell a lot about someone when you look in their eyes.'

'Instead of this remorseful, guilty look you'd expect someone to have, his stare was just kind of cold,' he said. 'Like he was either angry, or he just wasn't there.'

Michael's newest song includes one line near the end where he names each victim who died. He didn't know them, but feels like he does, especially after hearing graphic testimony about their violent deaths.

'I know Shelby, I know Holly, and I feel for Breanna. And Brian, in my heart, I want y'all to know you died in honor.'

'I mention their names because the love they gave and the memory people have of them will always live on,' Michael said.

Click here to see the music video for Michael's first song. His newest song is not yet online.


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