News 8 Daybreak's tech guru Steve Greenberg shares gadget gift ideas for the stocking.

1. CHILLSNER ($29.95): These beer chillers come in a set of two and keep your beer 'refreshingly cold from start to finish.' You freeze the Chillsner wand, which then is inserted to your bottle while you drink.

2. CALLMEGLOVES ($79.95): Made of Knit acrylic fabric, the Call Me Gloves have Blue tooth technology so you can 'wirelessly conduct cell phone calls by assuming the universal 'call me' gesture.'

3. THEiPADTOFOOSBALLTABLECONVERTER ($79.95): Turn your iPad into a Foosball table.

Check out more Greenberg gadget gift ideas at his blog, Steve Greenberg: Innovation Insider.

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