DALLAS -- Cyber Monday 2013, experts say, could be the biggest on record.

Retailers want the Black Friday holiday shopping buzz to continue online. Some stores are looking to attract crowds through their computers, tablets, and phones by offering specials hours before midnight.

'We should see Cyber Monday start a little bit earlier. Some stores are going to start on Sunday,' said Brent Shelton from, an online coupon store with cash back bonuses from than 1,600 stores. '[Cyber Monday] is probably going to be the biggest shopping day online.'

Shelton said finding the best buys online is a challenge. Shoppers might get a peek here and there, but most deals will be revealed later this weekend. He recommends consumers prepare a strategy before clicking online, and taking advantage of social media should be the first step.

'You want to make sure you like the [outlet's] Facebook page or follow their Twitter feed, 'cause they will have their social media teams putting out exclusives,' Shelton said.

Shelton told News 8, a like here, a follow there, and searching the feeds might lead to deals that shoppers might miss on store websites.

'Social media people are going to put [offers] in front of you,' Shelton said. 'Also, you can pick up extra tips from the social pages. They will have contests, giveaways, things like that to take advantage of -- especially if it's a favorite store.'


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