FORT WORTH A month after first logging onto website,, Flora Brewer of Fort Worth has a new health insurance plan.

'I'm very happy with this coverage,' said Brewer.

The real estate development business owner works from home. For the past 10 months, she's paid about $1,900 a month for coverage for her, her husband and one of her sons.

Out of 34 plan choices, Brewer and her husband went with the Cigna Gold Plan. Soon after making their decision, they called the provider to make sure coverage starts January first.

'They (Cigna) said, yes, we got your application,' she said. 'We've got you. You are enrolled.'

Under the zero deductible plan, Brewer has nearly the same coverage as her current insurance including similar prescription drug co-pays and there's no need to change physicians.

'I found that our doctors are there so it was no problem,' added Brewer.

The couple also saved money. Right now, the real estate development business owner pays around $1900 a month for insurance. The new plan is $500 cheaper.

The federal government has admitted fumbling the rollout, but says it's working around the clock to fix repeated outages by the end of this month.

Brewer says she's seeing improvements.

'It's moving,' she said. 'The website is responding very quickly. No problems. It's night and day.'

The Fort Worth mom admits her years of experience buying insurance for her family and companies motivated her to keep trying and to give the system a chance. She is now planning to share those skills.

'I'm going to take the navigator training online to see if I can help people get enrolled,' said Brewer.


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