DALLAS Police said a man plowed his truck into mailboxes, cars and fences before he was arrested early Friday morning in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas.

James Stubblefield, a resident in the neighborhood, said he was wakened by loud crashing sounds at about 2:30 a.m. in the 7600 block of Jacobie Blvd.

'It was very scary,' he said. '... I fell asleep in my living room on my recliner, woke up and came out to see this car halfway in the road, mangled.'

Stubblefield said by the time he was able to get outside to see what happened, the truck had driven through his yard, hit two fences and struck a tree in front of a home where a family with two young children live.

'If that tree wasn't in that front yard, he could have hit a baby, somebody,' he said. 'I'm glad it didn't happen.'

According to police reports, upon arriving at the scene, an officer spotted the truck in a yard at Jacobie Boulevard and Rayville Drive. The officer reported the suspect, 25-year-old Daniel Alonso, drove past the officer's patrol car, crashed into the back of a parked vehicle and backed up as the officer ordered the driver to stop.

Despite the officer's demands, Alonso continued to drive the truck past several houses before he crashed into a large mailbox, exited the truck and fled on foot. However, it wasn't long before an officer spotted the suspect stuck underneath a vehicle where he attempted to hide. An officer helped pull him out and he was taken into custody.

Alonso was booked into Lew Sterrett Justice Center, where he was charged with evading police.

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