DFW AIRPORT Motorists who had trouble leaving Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Monday were forced to wait in line while workers lifted exit gates by hand at its toll plaza on the north side.

According to DFW Airport spokeswoman Cynthia Vega, the system was failing to identify every Toll Tag. In some instances, the system read the tag as a vehicle entered the airport, but problems popped up upon departure.

'We also noticed some people were able to come in, but when they went to leave, that reader was not picking up their Toll Tag,' Vega said.

Toll plaza employees started handing out fee tickets to help move drivers along. Others had to some extra lifting.

'We had a lot of people this morning and this afternoon manually raising the gates to help people leave,' Vega said.

The new parking system, which was launched in September, promised a faster journey through the toll plazas. But since then, it's been a bumpy ride.

At one point, hundreds of drivers were overcharged for parking or for just zipping through.

According to the airport, no billing mistakes have been reported yet in this round of glitches. But if you've been parking at the airport recently, keep an eye on your bill... just in case.

Hours after Monday morning's backups, the ride into the airport was much smoother but Vega warned that not everything is fixed.

'It's a work in progress,' she conceded. 'We really apologize to customers, but we are hoping to correct it and move forward.'

If you do see a billing mistake, call the airport's hotline at 972-973-4840 to file for a reimbursement.


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