With so many stories lately about improperly behaving teachers, you'd think once a district came across a good teacher who was loved by students, parents and coworkers that it would want to keep her. Not in the Dallas Independent School District.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

This week, my colleagueBrett Shipp profiled Angela Spivey, the teacher who was fired after one of her high school age special needs students had a seizure and fell off a table while she tried to change her diaper.

Despite letter after letter praising her work countless parents and co-workers acting as character witnesses the district let her go.

The three board trustees who heard her appeal never heard those letters supporting her; not because they were false, but because they weren't notarized.

An attorney for the district pointed out another special needs child under Spivey's care was injured at a different school in 2008.However, Spivey was not only cleared in that, she was returned to the job with back pay.

It is unfortunate that the same district that for weeks put hundreds of its own students at risk by allowing their transportation in vans that didn't meet safety codes didn't have the compassion to re-consider employing someone just about everybody who works with her believes should be in a classroom.

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