DALLAS Even on weekends not anchored by a more than 100-year-old college football rivalry, business is booming at the Truck Yard on Lower Greenville.

The outdoor venue which combines food, drinks and an ice cream parlor has exceeded expectations at its location near Trader Joe's. Now, this week's Red River Rivalry could bring record sales.

When former Councilwoman Angela Hunt championed the park, some were skeptical, especially nearby homeowners. Some feared there wouldn't be enough business to sustain it.Others even called the idea outright crazy.

But talk to the truck operators and customers now, and it appears it is a huge success.

'We're feeding amounts of people none of us are really used to,' said Audra, the operator of the Pompei truck. 'So we're having to pick up speed.'

Some operators report sales up to $4,000 a day. The owner of Salsa Limon says trucks are prepared to handle 800 to 1,000 customers a day.

'It's pretty amazing,' said Milo Ramirez, the owner of the Salas Limon truck. 'It came out of nowhere, and all of a sudden. I've seen more people that I know here than anywhere else.'

And with a huge crowd of Texas and OU fans expected on Lower Greenville this weekend, business is expected to be even better, something that's hard to imagine for most vendors. 'But this time, we definitely are going to be prepared,' said Andrew Maute, the assistant manager at the Truck Yard Beer Garden.

'We've got twice as much staff, twice as much product. It's going to be awesome,' he said.

Many residents who were once skeptical that a food park would be successful here, have been proven wrong. And the truck operators say it's only the beginning.


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