HEBRON Churches, schools and homeowners are claiming victory in this small town spanning Collin and Denton counties after developers canceled plans to build a liquor store.

True Spirits wanted to open on a plot a land across from First Baptist Church of Hebron, near Prestonwood Christian Academy and a few blocks from Hebron High School.

"Our focus is on family and children and students," said Tom Sherman, a PCA parent. "Having a liquor store this close by sets the wrong tone for what we're trying to do at the school."

The powerful group of religious and school leaders was able to stop the liquor store from opening not because of any legal reason, but because the owner decided not to put up a fight.

"We just thought it was inappropriate and somewhat disrespectful to the community to put it there without considering the community," said Scott Finch, the principal of Hebron High School.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission confirmed to News 8 True Spirits' application was certified by Hebron and Denton County to say that the location was not in violation of any distance requirements.

However, even with the facts on his side, one of the liquor store owners said it was simply not worth it.

"There was such a unanimous groundswell of people that were against it," said Pastor Bruce Scofield of the First Baptist Church of Hebron. "We were just so grateful when they decided not to proceed."

But with the land established as a legal location for a liquor store, the battle may not be over, especially if someone else has the same idea.

"Hopefully, anybody that would want to do that again would take heed of what the community wanted in this case," Finch said.

The TABC said it received 80 letters opposing the liquor story store and three in support.

That appears to be enough to shut down a legal business before it even opens.


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