ALLEN All five schools in the Lovejoy Independent School District are rated "exemplary."

Its athletic program is competitive.

It has a "small town" feel.

And with a new school opening this fall, there's room to take on students who would transfer from their home districts.

"School districts are a lot like the airline industry," explained Lovejoy Superintendent Ted Moore. "When you fly full airplanes, they make money. When the planes aren't full, they don't. And the schools are like that, too."

In the last three years, the state has cut $3 million from Lovejoy's funding. The district tightened its belt and cut the budget.

"We're in a position where we either had to enhance revenue or make some draconian cuts to our program," Moore said.

Under the program, parents who live in other districts would pay $8,000 a year for their children to attend kindergarten or elementary schools at a Lovejoy ISD school.

The tuition for middle or high school is $10,000.

"Ten-thousand dollars is a lot for the average Joe, especially if you have multiple children," said parent Chris Scheller.

Lovejoy will limit the transfers to 15 students per grade. That's almost 200 kids who would come from other districts, raising about $3 million for Lovejoy.

"Lovejoy has a great reputation and lots to offer the kids, especially at the high school level," said parent Sara Cotton.

Parents who want to place their students in the Lovejoy district have the option of paying half the annual tuition before the first day of each semester.


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