PELICAN BAY Pleasant Ervin Robinson was known to his friends as Shorty and, until last weekend, had been missing since 2010.

Texas Rangers and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner dug Shorty s body out of his own yard in Pelican Bay this weekend. It wasn't the first time they'd looked for him at the trailer in north Tarrant County.

According to a search warrant affidavit from 2010, Shorty's wife Neola immediately fell under suspicion when Robinsondisappeared three years ago. She reportedly showed up shaking at Shorty's workplace and told the boss, "He's gone. He's gone."She never filed a missing person report.

Shorty Robinson was a 57-year-old welder with a reputation as a reliable worker and an unhappy husband. He'd already cut his wife off from the checking account when he went missing.

The week he disappeared Neola Robinson found her husband in a bar with a female friend, and reportedly told her, "You better tell your friend not to come home, because if he does he's going to be missing some body parts, or I'm going to kill him, and I don't care if I go to prison."

A few weeks later, a Pelican Bay police officer saw what he thought was a large spot of dried blood in the trailer. A subsequent search did not yield enough evidence for an arrest.

This weekend, though, investigators returned with new information and a new warrant. They found the body and jailed Neola Robinson on a murder charge.

The medical examiner is now trying to determine how Shorty Robinson died.


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